Mar 11

spatial poise II

20 March 2011


spatial poise II


space gazes into large windows

space hovers below soft ceilings

space rests on hardwood floors


light inhales dusked darkness

light exhales brea(d)th into shade

light balances rays on fulcrum


time,  pounds light

time,  pounds space


. . . Revolver




my destiny.


Mar 11

just a blip on the screen

19 March 2011



our hearts

are being pried open,

human  being and

it’s cosmic Tsunami


pouring in.

ouch . . .

ouch . . .

ouch . . .

not all get it,


and many do.

wwWAOWWwww . . .


Mar 11

test – Story


Nov 10


1 November 2010   Equa-poise


spatial poise

made room on a hard wood floor

room with two large windows

room supports room under high soft ceilings


sun pulls dusked darkness

emptying space with drawing light

balancing beams on fulcrum


. . . revolve



my destiny



Jul 10

ground water

5 july 2010        ground water


Chasing little beasts carrying

youth in their hip pockets

mesmerized in frolic and mischief,

a lifelong sadness was looking

for release in the  river’s



immobility’s atrophy penetrates

deep, curling itself around the

heart by multiples, until, poor

heart/thing, is unrecognizable.

wood babes no longer clothe

themselves, but wildly swim

at their own distinct peril,

exposed to myriad pre-date-tors.


thus begins my 2nd death.


I saw those boys cheating again and again.

the rules of walking cliffs on

ground water’s edge were simple,

just go. throw yourself.

survival is guaranteed.

you know the cheat’s.



the river wins, so to speak.

soaking my ear drums, cold

erases the blue from sky.

gravity and momentum control

thrust,    for a short while

blur takes over.


(stay tuned…  more to come in our next exciting episode.)





May 10

i give you

19 May 2010


i give you




The day I give you roses


The day I give you roses


Three decades.     and three

Yes, yes, I know it

That day will come

That day…..   is not far away


Yes, yes, I know it

Today        even might be


Behind my eyes I see those glowing dozens.

From my heart I pick the warm buttery yellow beauties.

Twice-lit breezes promise a gentle hand.


They.          are named…..   Henry Fondas.


I carry my life.      Savings.

To the choosy vendor.

The old shop keep knows

where Henry Fonda’s secret garden is.


Now!     I know.      why….

when stillnesss


still.      Here. (Ici)      Me.